The Amazing Permanent Match (Distributor)


Minimum 24 Permanent Matches / Up to 500


Make Big Profits 

Permanent Match – the amazing invention that sells on sight! People are making as much as $50, $100 or more in their spare time just showing this clever invention to others. Here’s your chance to cash in.

Practice working the permanent match a few times…see instructions below. Then begin showing others how this magical wonder works. Show it to friends, neighbors, and people at work. Show it in offices, stores, factories—wherever you go. You’ll be amazed to find that people are fascinated by this ingenious device, and many will want to buy one or more on the spot. Women, as well as men, frequently buy.

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No Sales Talk Needed!

In addition, you can make big profits selling to stores. Gift shops, drug stores, cigar counters, service stations, restaurants and taverns do a big job on our Permanent Match and this could be a BIG source of profit for you distributing to the stores in your area. (Our Permanent Match is also ideal as a business giveaway or advertising specialty. They can be imprinted in large quantities.)

Read What Others Are Doing

K.M.,Iowa — After seeing sample, orders 24 dozen Matches and 5 weeks later orders 24 dozen more. Says, “Been selling for many years and this is one of the greatest little sellers I’ve ever handled.”

E.H, Kentucky — Sells over 130 dozen Matches in a short period calling on drug stores, gift shops, and novelty stores. Excellent results.

R.A., Tenn — Sells 26 dozen and still going strong.

These are just a few of the actual money-making results being achieved with our fast selling Permanent Match. And you can do the same. Begin showing it today and be the first in your area to handle this profitable new seller.

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